Be an Exhibitor at Franchise Expo Chicago

Secure your space today and get face-to-face with qualified prospects. Exhibiting at Franchise Expo Chicago provides your company with a unique opportunity to get face-to-face with the largest gathering of potential franchisees and franchisors across the central region of the United States!

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Why Exhibit at Franchise Expo Chicago?

Through our cross-channel marketing campaigns, partnerships and advertisements, Franchise Expo Chicago delves deep to drive the most motivated, informed prospects to meet face-to-face with our exhibitors.

  • Exposure: Engage with visitors pre-show, onsite and post-show through our marketing vehicles, including exhibiting, digital and print marketing, enhanced sponsorships, and pre-setting of appointments.
  • Generate New Leads: Qualified candidates will attend Franchise Expo Chicago in search of the opportunity to be new franchisees, master franchisees, area developers, multi-unit owners, and more. Engage face-to-face and digitally with these prospects and increase your footprint and revenues.
  • Connect with Existing Candidates: Exhibiting offers your franchise the opportunity to meet, entertain and bond with existing and prospective candidates. Utilize our complimentary guest pass program to engage with current and future prospects throughout your sales funnel.
  • New Product Launches: Company launches, new product launches, press releases and new initiatives all get more exposure and reach through Franchise Expo Chicago's highly targeted network of attendees, partners, speakers, sponsors, and associations.
  • Press Coverage and Investor Visibility: Media and press in attendance include The Chicago Tribune, Entrepreneur Media, Franchising World, Wall Street Journal, Franchise Times, Global Franchise Magazine, Franchising USA, Fox News, NBC and more local and national media outlets. Utilize the show to expand your brand message through these and other media outlets.

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